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Benefits of an Indoor Tanning Lotion

There is no single doubt that a lot of people dream of having that bronze tan that would last long on their body, but without having to stay in the sun. Today, there are ways to tan your body using modern tanning technologies, such as the indoor tanning lotion. Selecting the best indoor tanning lotion can be a tough job, so let our beauty experts guide you.

Not only is this method better, but it is also healthier for your skin! Exposing your skin to the sun for a very long time might not be in your favor health-wise. According to some beauty experts, sunless tanning produces better results than the actual sun tanning. However, nothing it is believed without explanation. Let us go through some benefits of indoor tanning lotion.

Reduction of Skin Cancer

The greatest achievement of the indoor tanning lotion is the reduction of cancer. Using the indoor tanning lotion reduces your chances of getting cancer from direct exposure to the sun. UV rays are harmful to the skin by promoting the growth of abnormal cells that kill the cells in the human body.

The more you are exposed to the UV rays, the higher your chances of getting cancer. Using an indoor tanning lotion reduces your exposure to the sun, which reduces the chances of burning your skin and getting cancer. However, try not to use it in excess.

Production of Vitamin D

The sun is a major source of vitamin D in the body, and that is why humans need a certain amount of exposure to the sun. Fifteen minutes daily of exposure to the sun would do you a great deal regarding vitamin D intake, without sunscreen.

However, there are vitamin D supplements on the indoor tanning lotion. This is a recent requirement by some governments to ensure that the basic requirements of the body from the sun are gotten from the product since the intent is to reduce exposure to the sun.

This is where indoor tanning lotion covers up all shortcomings by replacing the natural process of tanning. It even helps to trigger vitamin D production in the body.

Balancing Hormones and Producing Body Oil

Indoor tanning lotion helps to balance the hormones in the body and produce healthy body oils. There is no doubt that outdoor tanning also helps produce body oils and balance hormones.

However, indoor tanning lotion does so with lesser risks of cancer from exposure to the UV rays from the sun. Some people have dry skin, even while the body can produce sebum that moisturizes the skin.

Others have hormonal imbalances that lead to the production of excess sebum that blocks the skin pores. Indoor tanning lotion makes sure to balance hormones to produces the required amount of oil in the skin.

Stretch Marks and Scar Reduction

People must have heard that nice tan wards off scars and stretch marks. Some believe this, yet there is a lot of doubt on the truth of this postulation. The reason behind that is that tanning makes the scars on the skin more conspicuous.

What happens is not a total cure or even a significant one for that matter. The skin gets dark, and it blends with the dark color of the scar. Just rub the right amount to your skin, and you would start seeing results as soon as possible.

Reduction of Skin Jaundice Visibility

Jaundice skin is usually easy to detect on the affected individual. There is yellowing on the skin that is very visible and is known as jaundice skin. The advantage of indoor tanning lotion in this scenario is that it can hide the yellow spots on the skin caused by jaundice.

Although the yellow marks are indicators of a serious health problem, there is no harm in hiding what people might use to tag you as hideous. In a lot of cases, jaundice is caused by problems with the liver or the side effects of some medications. Try to cure jaundice, since the indoor tanning lotion would only cure it.

Weight Loss

In as much as we need higher metabolism to reduce weight and a handful of exercise, there are some ways the indoor tanning lotion affects weight. The boost in vitamin D is one of them and would do fine in helping balance body weight.

However, the thyroid gland is also affected to help keep your feeling of fatigue and depression at bay. This reduces the feelings of tiredness and makes you energized enough to work. In times like winter, where the sun would be hardly visible, the indoor tanning lotion would do wonders for you like as if you are still in summer.

Cheap Way to Get It Done

There are tons of people that would not mind paying thousands of dollars to get a tanned-looking skin. Some might even travel to exotic beaches to get a nice tan. These are both bad news for those that can’t afford it. However, the good news is the indoor tanning lotion you are interested in. Besides, why else are you here?

Instead of saving over a thousand dollars on traveling to an exotic lake or spending your life savings on body surgery, you can rub some cheap indoor tanning lotion on your body. With the indoor tanning lotion, you get the same results as, if not more than, normal tanning.

Finishing Touch

The benefits of indoor tanning lotion are just too numerous, and we cannot mention them all. However, the most important thing is to know how to put it on. Do not overdo it; excess can produce results that you might not desire.

There are products like tan extenders that help prolong the effects of the tan. You can also use abrasive soap to exfoliate when you shower.

Most importantly, try not to buy fake products. Fakes would not get you any positive results. They might end up damaging your skin, or better still, not work at all. All in all, indoor tanning lotions have more to offer you than you might imagine.

How to Select the Best Shampoo for a Dry Scalp

If you have dry scalp, you need to pay attention to the way you clean your hair and use the right products. When it comes to hair hygiene, the shampoo that you use is the most important.

And if you don’t know how to take care of your dry scalp properly and how to choose the best shampoo for such a condition, here are the answers to all your questions!

What Is Dry Scalp And What Causes It?

When we talk about dry scalp, we talk about dandruff and flaky skin that affects the scalp and as a consequence the hair as well. Dry scalp is a fairly common occurrence among people of all ages. It can be caused by dehydration, too much alcohol consumption, heredity, poor hygiene and even by using the wrong shampoo.

Other medical reasons that lead to dry scalp condition are hormonal changes such as puberty. Your eating habits also contribute directly to the quality of your scalp.

If you eat products with a high level of sugar or salt or if you lack Vitamin B, you might suffer from the dry scalp as well. And last but not least, a very stressful life will have as a consequence a dry scalp condition too.

For all these reasons, you should try your best to live a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet to avoid the dry scalp condition.

How Can Specific Dry Scalp Shampoos Help?

Choosing the right shampoo is crucial to healing your dry scalp. If your shampoo is suitable for your type of hair and scalp, you will not only be able to treat dry scalp and dandruff but, most important; you will be able to prevent such unpleasant conditions. For more details, please take a look;

  • A good shampoo will add the right amount of oil to your scalp and hair to make it more flexible and hydrated.
  • Also, the ingredients that your shampoo is made of should nourish your scalp and your hair in a way that it will not allow it to lack the main nutrients that it needs.
  • And finally, the right shampoo will leave your hair smooth and shine most naturally.
  • The best shampoo for dry scalp will help you treat the current condition and avoid it from happening again.

How to Select the Best Dry Scalp Shampoo

If you are looking for the best shampoo to use for dry scalp, there are certain aspects you need to consider. The market offers a wide variety of options that you can choose from, but not all of them might be just what you need. Here’s how to pick the right shampoo for your dry scalp and enjoy a dandruff hair over again!

Identify The Type Of Scalp You Have

You might have an oily scalp, dry scalp or mix scalp. It is important to understand that each type of scalp comes with its necessities and your shampoo needs to address them.

If your scalp is oily, you will not need a shampoo that contains a lot of oils extract and you might want to direct your attention to those based on vitamin C or citric nutrients.

On the other side, if your scalp is dry, you will need a shampoo that is rich in essential oils, and it can nourish and hydrate your skin as well as your hair with every time you wash it.

Plenty shampoos contain beneficial oils such as coconut oil which is a notorious example for healing dry scalp.

Choose Your Shampoo By Considering The Type Of Hair You Have

When you choose your shampoo, the type of hair you have is just as important as the type of scalp you have.

If you have greasy hair but dry scalp, you need to choose a shampoo destined for mixed hair and scalp that way you touch both extremes with one product.

Also, if your hair is dry and not only enough but your scalp is too oily, you will notice that you need a shampoo with a successful combination of essential oils and vitamins.

Keep in mind that the shampoo you chose has to address both your scalp and your hair at the same time.


As far as the ingredients go, your shampoo should contain as little chemicals a possible. Try to find products based on organic and natural ingredients with no artificial fragrances, parabens or sulfates.

Best shampoos will have extracts of oils such as coconut oil, argan oil, or olive oil but also almond oil and Shea butter. Also, make sure it contains essential vitamins and nutrients to nourish your hair with every wash.

Decide Between A Shampoo With Or Without A Conditioner Included: Nowadays, you can find shampoos that include the properties of a conditioner as well. This can save you money that you would spend on a different product such as a conditioner to go along with your shampoo.

But if you want a different conditioner, you should choose one that compliments your main shampoo and is suitable for your hair. Since the conditioner is applied at the edges of your hair, it will not have a significant impact on your scalp.

However, if you choose a shampoo with a conditioner included, you will benefit from the conditioner also when you wash your scalp. It can be beneficial for your skin and reduce dandruff.

Pay Attention To Extra Features

You will find shampoos for colored hair, damaged hair or thin and thick hair but also shampoos for hair loss and volume. If you need to treat your dry scalp try to stay away from such shampoos and stick to the main problem which is your dry scalp.

Shampoos that address the volume of your hair, for instance, can take away from the nutrients that your scalp needs to heal.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are plenty of shampoos that you can choose from when you need to treat your dry scalp condition and prevent it from happening again.

But if you are not well informed, it can be easy to mistake one product with another and end up with a shampoo that doesn’t take care of your problem, even if it might bring other advantages to the table.

By following this guide, you will be able to choose the right product for your scalp and your hair and forget about the unpleasant side effects that a dry scalp brings!